The Everyday Things of a Teenage Girl

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Just describing the everyday troubles of a average teenage girl just trying to be herself.

My Rant

Ever had best friends that don’t understand? Who have the need to tell everything and therefore when your not like them you must be mentally unstable and have something wrong.  I’m here to tell you that we are all human beings and the way we work changes from person to person.  Some people don’t like sharing everything about their personal lives while others let everything about them shoot out of them like a cannon.  I am personally a person who may break down every once in a while (like we all do) and it isn’t cause I hold in my feelings or anything like that, it is because I have been through a traumatic stressful issue and it causes me to break down.  This happens occasionally  and I honestly don’t see anything wrong with it.  We can’t all be perfect all the time and have the confidence that we automatically should have! Sometimes we need to express ourselves and if we are then deemed to be insane or crazy after that what kind of world do we live in?  A world that I can’t express my thoughts for once because of the aftereffect of being told I need a therapist because I don’t work like you do, one person.  The point is that we are all different.  In this world we don’t all work the same way, we all work different and just because I work differently than one person doesn’t make me crazy.  There’s my rant, thanks for listening tumblr.

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The act of flirting


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